Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Tiny Prints: Valentines

It's that time of year when we celebrate our loved ones by giving them Valentines. If you have children they may also be exchanging them with classmates at school.

I was invited to check out Tiny Prints 2012 Valentine Cards collection and then write about my experience here. Having ordered customized Valentines Day Greeting Cards in the past, I was interested to see what designs and options Tiny Prints has to offer.

As the mother of an eight year old boy in elementary school and a two year old girl who will be starting preschool next fall, I was especially curious and excited to see what their classroom card collection included. It didn't take me long to find cards that seemed to fit both my children's unique personalities, but also that would go well with photos of Sean and Abigail that I had in mind to use with them.


This is the card that I chose and personalized for our eight year old son Sean, who is in second grade. I love that his classmates will get to do a fun maze when they receive their Valentine from him this year. I also like the clever "a-maze-ing" play on words used here. Finally, since Sean started doing Tae Kwon Do around this time last year and has worked his way up through the ranks, I thought it would be fun to feature him in his uniform in his Valentine's cards and like that the "high yellow" belt he happened to be wearing in this picture coordinates with the colors of this design:

Click here to try out this "A-MAZE-ING Valentine" card design for yourself.


This is the card that I picked out and personalized for our daughter Abby who is two years old. The photo was taken last October by our friend and awesome photographer, Becky Healy from early bird photo and fine art. I love how this Valentine's Day card frames Abby's face and the colors compliment her features, especially her magical green eyes, that seem to twinkle in this picture.

Click here to experiment with this "Crafty Hearts" Valentine's Day card design.


This will be my first card order from Tiny Prints and I am excited to see how they turn out. However, I know what high quality products Tiny Prints produces as our family has been receiving birth announcements, baptism invites and holiday cards from family and friends for years designed and produced by Tiny Prints.

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If you do decide to order some Tiny Prints Valentines for yourself, be sure to click here first to see what coupon codes are available and what promotions Tiny Prints is currently running. As a savvy internet shopper, I pride myself on rarely paying full price for anything I order online.

Thank you for reading my post about Tiny Prints Valentine's Card Collection. I had a lot of fun "researching" and preparing this blog entry. I look forward to receiving and giving out Sean and Abby's customized and personalized Valentines from Tiny Prints this year.

I wish you and yours a very Happy Valentine's Day filled with much of peace, love and joy!


Disclaimer: I received 50 free Classroom Valentine's Day Cards from Tiny Prints to write and share this blog entry, but the words and opinions in this post are my own.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

BlogHer Book Club: Why Women Need Fat

I'll admit it, the main reason I signed up to read and review Why Women Need Fat by Dr. William D. Lassek and Dr. Steven J.C. Gaulin, my fifth BlogHer Book Club selection, was because of a line in a summary about it which said something about "why those last five pounds seem impossible to lose." I think I was contemplating resolutions for 2012 at the time and knew one was to try to work on shedding those "last five pounds" in the New Year. I wanted to know their "secret" and got a lot more then I bargained for...

I didn't pay much attention to the subtitle: How "Healthy" Food Makes Us Gain Excess Weight and the Surprising Solution to Losing It Forever. Had I realized what I was getting myself into, I probably would have taken a pass. However this is not because I didn't enjoy or learn a lot from reading this book. It was very interesting and informative. I have just been purposely avoiding books, movies (such as Food Inc.) and anything else that could inform me about the details of why my family and my diet is unhealthy. I wasn't ready.

I knew if and when I were to take the time to find out what is wrong with what typical Americans, like my family, eat on a regular basis, that I would then have to make some serious changes to our grocery shopping, meal planning and consumption. I had a vague idea about some of the "bad things" that we have been eating before reading Why Women Need Fat. Now I know the truth. Ready or not, the Benson family will be making some adjustments to what we buy and eat in the near future. In fact I already made my first post-Why Women Need Fat trip to our neighborhood/family owned grocery store and was very impressed how well I was able to do following many of the recommendations the authors suggest in this book.

Dr. Lassek and Dr. Gaulin take about two-thirds of Why Women Need Fat to give readers background and make their very thorough case for why and how our American food processing and eating habits have gotten so out of whack over the past 40 years. Then they use the final third of the book to give practical suggestions as to how to shop for and introduce healthier alternatives into our meals. The authors also break down their theories and understanding of the most effective ways for us to reach our "natural and healthy weight," primarily without having to follow any formal weight loss diet.

There is a lot of comparison in this book of American food processing and eating routines versus Europeans, Asians and others around the World. They highlight what many of our overseas neighbors are doing better when it comes to healthy eating and how our country went astray. I also found the discussion of how our food choices and eating habits impact our fertility, ability to carry and nurse babies and then lose and/or gain postpartum weight fascinating.
I recommend this book, but caution if you choose to read it: be prepared to makes some changes to your own diet or at least know that you will not look at a food label or many of the things you eat in the same way ever again (especially if you currently buy and consume a lot of processed foods made with vegetable and/or soybean oil). Please join our discussion over on the BlogHer Book Club page where you can share your thoughts and find out what others are saying about Why Women Need Fat.

If you have already read Why Women Need Fat or decide to check it out in the future, I would love to know what you think of it.


Disclaimer: I received a free e-copy of this book to read for this review and to participate in the related BlogHer Book Club discussion. However, I was in no way encouraged to write a positive or negative review about Why Women Need Fat.

Note: This is a cross post with my main blog Four of a Kind, as I know that some of you who follow this review blog, may not also follow me over there and I thought you might be interested in reading what I thought about this book.