Monday, August 22, 2011

BlogHer Book Club: A Good Hard Look

I am happy to share that my second BlogHer Book Club Review for A Good Hard Look by Ann Napolitano has been posted on BlogHer today! Here is a little preview of what I thought about the book:

A Good Hard Look is a story about expectations and the people we encounter, as well as the experiences we have, which help to shape our lives. The narrative explores how change, loss, pain, time, hope and grace can lead to breakthroughs and transformation both personally and in our relationships with loved ones, especially those we find it hard to love. It also touches on how we put the pieces of our lives back together when we have experienced a great loss or tragedy -- when we feel we have been broken.

Please click here to read my full review on BlogHer and feel free to share what you think over there in the comment section. Thank you! 

Note: This is a cross post with my main blog Four of a Kind, as I know that some of you who follow this review blog, may not also follow me over there and I thought you might be interested in reading what I thought about this book.

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